Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rejoice ! Rejoice !

The late Enoch Powell recounted how when he came down stairs  and picked up the morning paper the day after the February 1974 General Election( which he had opposed and refused to stand as a candidate in )  and saw that Ted Heath had failed to win he sang the Te Deum.

I did exactly  the same yesterday afternoon when I glanced at the football results !

If I had the power I would be ordering that the Church bells in Barnet be rung this morning in celebration of the relegation of Barnet Football Club from the Football League.

I know I am not the only Conservative adding a little Champagne to my orange juice over breakfast this morning at what seems like an end to the 15 year saga of Barnet Football Club.

The Chairman claimed last week that Barnet had been "ushered out of the Borough " well now the Club has been ushered of the Football League entirely due to their own performance and not something they can blame the Council for .

Apparently the Supporters Trust wish to exlpore the idea of building a 10,000 setter stadium on the now defunct Underhill site : Not a chance !  Anyway why would you need it ?

No doubt there will be some residual issues to resolve over the future of the site ( Please can the Council have the freehold back for the £10,000 the Club paid for it ? ) but the construction of a housing estate on Metropolitan Open space and greenbelt land is not an option .

I always  believed that the Chairman of Barnet Football Club was badly advised throughout the whole saga but the attempts by some elements to make the whole issue Party Political and extremely personal were always going to end in failure for the Club .

I wish the fans and players well in the years to come in Harrow in non league football  , but forget a return to Barnet , no Politician of any Party or Local Government Officer and few residents are going to want a repeat of the last 15 years .

Thank you and Hallelujah !


The Ifster said...

This is good news and I
have to offer my support to what
is a good point, well

May I take it that this will
also mean that there will be
no returning for this club in future?

I am sure I am not alone in hoping

And that goes for any other football team.

We will surely get those speaking
against this but we must remain strong,
not crumble and continue to fight in the
knowledge that, depite the minority who
express to the contrary, that the club
really do not add antything to the Borough.

Miller Man said...
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Smithy Frombar said...

I total agree with above
comment being a Barnet man
united we must stand against
nasty things happening against
the rights of the council

Mike Benjamin said...

I'm so happy my local football team has been relegated and drummed out of the area. If only I could sell my granny into slavery and blow up my street! Me disfunctional?

Joe Ferris said...
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Miller Man said...
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Hugo Greally said...

years ago,
our club was on the the brink of a move to copthall
until it was scuppered by John Prescott
when we tried to move to the cricket ground
a local council planning decision crushed that idea
now we have been forced out of the borough?
knowing that we are well supported in the area,
exactly what makes you think we are not wanted
really baffles me.

Gh Gch said...

Thanks for taking the community feel out of the borough. No wonder why UKIP is so well supported.

Blue Shed Thinking said...

Barnet FC will return - once Saracens have sold themselves to the next high bidder.

So the real sports fans of Barnet will have a team that wants their support once once.

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